Maintaining a neutral internet exchange point.


The Mariana Islands Internet Exchange, or MARIIX, is a project operated at and partially funded by the University of Guam’s Office of Information Technology (OIT). The purpose of MARIIX is to allow local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) on Guam to inter-connect without sending traffic destined for each other’s networks through international links. The MARIIX network will operate independently of all other networks, and will serve only as a means of connection among ISPs that choose to peer at MARIIX.


The University of Guam collaborated with the Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC) in April of 2018 to create MARIIX. The NSRC donated two network switches that would serve as the base infrastructure for the Internet Exchange point.
In addition, the NSRC provided the expertise of world renowned network engineer, Dr. Philip Smith, to perform a Direct Engineering Assistance with the networking team of the University of Guam to configure and setup the Internet Exchange. The end result of the NSRC DEA was the creation of Guam's very first carrier-neutral, open, commercial internet exchange: the Mariana Islands Internet Exchange (MARIIX).